Delta & Co: Making Lemonade from Lemons

January 25, 2019

Dealing with negative comments on your social media pages can be one of the most difficult aspects of the marketing process and growing your business. Someone who knows this better than most is Pinar Parry, owner of the growing jewellery brand Delta and Co.

Delta and Co began initially as a side project whilst Pinar was pregnant with her third child and going through a rough patch in her life. Initially selling the bracelets at pop-up stores, the brand eventually grew to be her primary focus. When Pinar moved the store online the business began to build some momentum, particularly on social media and she began using Facebook ads and amassing a following on Instagram.

That’s when the trolls began appearing. With multiple comments and direct messages accusing Delta and Co of copying the quotes of other businesses, Pinar initially didn’t know how to handle the negativity. “They started popping up every day and at the beginning, I addressed them nicely and diplomatically, and then I started deleting them,” she told “But eventually I decided to address them full-on.”

“To have them attack me really riled me up. I tried the diplomatic route but in the end, I blasted back and people loved that. Being real can help a business grow instead of being very politically correct all the time.”

A post on the Delta and Co Facebook page addressing the trolls and accusations ended up going viral and doing wonders for the brand’s image. A line in her post “if you are going to let yourself be bullied by random people on the internet you won’t survive in business, or in life for very long” is one that every small business owner can take to heart and apply to their own business.  

The genuine nature of the post and Pinar’s belief in her business resonated with people all over the world and led to a huge spike in sales. “It ended up turning things from lemons to lemonade because I spun it around and sold so many (bracelets) just by telling my authentic story.”

Currently, Delta and Co is continuing to grow, amassing a large social media following and continuing to exceed the previous month’s sales with Pinar often struggling to keep up with the demand.

“It’s your life and you need to defend your right to exist, to shine, to grow, fiercely. And no one is going to step in and do that for you, but you.”

Pinar, we loved your advice and we love your story. Thanks for being an inspirational Australian business woman.