Meet Frank & Dollys

September 26, 2018

Creativity has always burst at the seams of couple Joel and Rachel Cooper. Within their designs, music, travels and family, Joel and Rachel have developed a lifestyle shaped around happiness, wild adventures and creating pieces with soul. Based along the Surf Coast of Victoria,  the Coopers raise their three Children in their seaside abode set behind Bells Beach, and run their thriving Fashion Label ‘Frank & Dolly’s’ from the log cabin studio, deep within the valley on the property, 100 meters from their home.

Tell us a bit about Frank & Dolly’s?

We offer collections of hand crafted, high quality and glorious garments, with a focus on detailed processes, small runs, and iconic designs. Our ranges compliment our love for adventure, ethics, and colour.


How do you stand out from the crowd?

Our point of difference when it comes to our label is the process and story behind every garment. We know every part of the production intimately. We know the hands that produce the fabrics, the colours, every stitch, and every print. The journey of a Frank & Dollys garment begins at our studio table and doesn’t leave our heart at any stage of the making process. Our customers feel this and respond to this collection after collection.

Our business point of difference lays in our foundation, starting from scratch and rising from nothing, learning on the road, fiercely following our instincts as opposed to the rules of an Industry. We’ve chased our dream and passion with little resources or money, yet a whole lot of creative resourcefulness and determination. This is also entwined with our personal journey as we are traveling the world with our 3 children, designing, creating and selling our collections, whilst experiencing an incredible journey.

What’s a typical day at Frank & Dolly’s?

Over the last year, we have been traveling around the world, running our business on the road and exploring new pockets of the globe with our 3 children. For a young family of 5, and for a thriving business, the routine is important. Amongst home-schooling, playtime and exploring incredible villages, towns, and cities we are emailing, photo-editing, designing and managing our stores and staff back in Australia. We are constantly inspired by places and experiences we have and this fuels our future collections and projects. There really is no typical day and that is what we love so much about it.

What’s the most challenging thing about running your business?

Having enough time to do all the creative ideas that are bursting at our seams!


You’ve created an incredibly successful now global fashion brand, what’s your best advice for someone thinking of starting a business within the e-commerce and fashion space?

Stay true to what you are offering, and keep listening and fiercely following your instinct.  Something can align with 1000 people, but if it doesn’t align with you, don’t do it.

How important is maintaining an active online presence for your business?

Paramount! I can not see how any business could expect growth or momentum without it.

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