Tips to make your blog thrive

January 9, 2018

Blogging can be hard work! I’m not going to sugar coat it! You need to spend time and effort on your blog; You need to make sure its both interesting for your readers and beneficial to your business and that’s just the beginning. A bad blog can be bad for business and is a massive waste of your time.

While blogging certainly isn’t for every business owner, there are huge benefits to having a blog in every industry – no matter what you specialise in there will always someone (hopefully  more then one!) who will be interested in hearing your opinion, what your business is up to and the skills and services you offer.

For those that have decided to start a business blog, I’ve put together a list of tips to help your blog thrive in 2018!

Share your blog posts on your social media channels

Social media is an AMAZING platform with millions of users and the perfect place to share your blog posts. The content you write on your blog can help feed your businesses social media page and invite interaction and commentary from your followers. You should be aiming to get your fans and followers interested in your blog topics and making sure the posts you are publishing are relvant and interesting to them. You’ll quickly find out what resonates with your audience when you see likes, shares and reactions on your social channels.

Use your blog as an opportunity to collaborate with like-minded business owners 

You don’t have to write all the content on your blog. If you have good relationships with like-minded businesses who are complimentary to the service or products you sell hit them up for a collaboration! You could invite them to write a guest post on an interesting topic or even their business, share articles from their blog that they have written  and ask them to share some of your articles on their blog!

Encourage comments on your blog articles

Your readers have feedback and are willing to share it, so make sure they have that opportunity by leaving your blog open to commentary. Comments can be one of the best way to gauge if your articles are hitting the sweet spot and also let you invite your audience to contribute and feel part of what your creating.

Some people who comment will also be bloggers, so make sure you return the favour and read their articles and comment as well – this is a great way to feel like your part of a community who are looking out for each other.  CommentLuv is a great plugin to use on your blog so if a blogger does post a comment it will list their most recent post and you can visit their blog to comment on one of their posts.

Blog comments can also help readers of your blog. Perhaps someone adds a new site or tool that’s related to the post, or they answer a questions that someone else has asked. That’s new knowledge for your readers and your blog an amazing resource to help your customers learn and be inspired.

Fill your blog with your expertise 

Be consistent