What is display advertising? Display ads explained.

July 31, 2018

Display advertising can be confusing, after all there are so many formats, sizes and multiple ways to target your intended audience!

If its uncharted territory you may be asking yourself what is it? How does it work? And how can it help your business?!

What is Display Advertising?

Display ads, also known as banner ads or the Google Display Network, are a form of PPC (pay-per-click) advertising. They come in a variety of sizes and formats and you’ll most likely see them as your journey across the web, visiting websites and blogs. Display ads, like paid search ads, include a headline, text, and URL but use images and graphics which makes them stand out.



How do banner ads target audiences?

Keywords – this targeting method uses a relevant keywords (the same as search ads) to establish whether an individuals web behaviour is relevant to your campaign and if it is your adverts will be displayed.

Topics – you can choose topics such as travel, business or shopping to target your ads to audiences who demonstrate interest in these topics. Google will show your banner ads on groups of quality sites related to that topic.

Interests – similar to topics you can choose from a range of interest categories. You can target people who’ve shown an interest in any of the 1600 interest categories. Interest categories and subcategories vary greatly, from hair care, to car insurance and movies.

Placements – this allows you to select the website that you wish your adverts to appear on. You can also create negative placements and control where you ads are not shown.

Remarketing – show adverts to people who have previously been to your site and showed an interest.

On top of this there are also geographic, language and demographic targeting options available to really hone in on your audience and ensure your banners are see by the right people.

What are the benefits of display advertising?

Its a powerful driver of traffic to your site: Creative and attractive banner ads can be powerful attention-grabbers and drive new traffic to your website. Display ads can host interactive media content which can increase conversions by 60%!

It builds brand awareness: While banner advertising ideally generates immediate sales, its role in building brand recognition makes the ads a useful marketing tool even when Web surfers don’t click the banner. In their book “Integrated Marketing Communications,” William Chitty and his co-authors indicate that banner ads are effective in progressing a potential customer from unawareness of your product or service to “top-of-mind” awareness, in which your brand is the first that comes to a buyer’s mind. The Monterey Peninsula Chamber of Commerce notes on its website that, with enough exposure to your advertising, Web surfers subconsciously register your brand even when they’re not directly focusing on your banners.

You can target new audiences: Similar audiences is a targeting feature based on first party data lists, most commonly remarketing lists, that helps you expand the reach of your best-performing audiences by targeting new users with similar characteristics to your site visitors. it allows you to build an ideal audience persona and target people who exhibit the same behaviour or similar and is a very powerful tools for attracting new audiences.

So there you have a simple explanation of what banner advertising is! have you tried banner advertising? Would you try it? Leave your thoughts and recommendations below!