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There’s no need to wait for your site to work its way organically up the rankings. By using paid search you see immediate results. Type ‘local plumber’ into any search engine, google for example, and the first results you are delivered are all ‘ads’. You’ll know these are ads because there will be a small  ‘ad’ symbol next to the descriptor. These are paid search ads and they help businesses rank first when a customer is searching for what they need.

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Capture the attention of new and existing audiences.

When you visit websites or blogs you would have noticed adverts surrounding the website content at the top of the page, side or bottom. These ads are called digital display banner advertising. Google allows you to place these ads on millions of websites and you can target the website’s audience, get noticed by new customers and retarget those who have already visited your site.

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Tell potential customers you’re a business they can trust.

There are paid search ads but there are also search results that haven’t been paid for. These are called organic listings. These organic listings make up the bulk of search results. If you’ve googled your own business, or words related to it, you may notice its not on the first results page. That’s where SEO comes in. Using SEO tools and tactics we can tell search engines your site is trusted and authoritative and get your website listed on the first page. 

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Use social networks to target loyal and new audiences.

Social networking has become part of everyday life. 68% of Aussies use some form of social media and 49% use it daily! You can advertise on these platforms and use powerful targeting tools such as audience interests, location and age to reach new and existing customers.  You can also retarget visitors to your site making social sites very powerful channels to help you grow your business.

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